Bespoke Sartorial Alteration Tailor

SARTO is a Japan based high-class and high quality alteration tailor, we called “Bespoke Sartorial Alteration Tailor”.
SARTO was established in Japan in 2000 by Dan Seiya who have over 20 years experiences in fashion industry.

We can alter anything all by handiwork. For instance Suit, Jacket, Trousers, Coat, Military Uniform, Sports Uniform, Shirt, Dress, Denim , Tie, Vintage cloth, Pre-owned Bespoke suit, Leather Jacket, Leather trousers, Leather bag, Shoe as well.

Actually, a lot of bespoke tailors and brands use our alteration service, and we have altered Liverano, Guida, Attolini, Panico, Orazio, Dalcuore, Caraceni, Brioni, Kiton, Hermes, Ferragamo, Tailor Caid, Ambrosi and so on by all handiwork. 
Please bring along your anything clothing to have it reformed for you.

We want to spread this Japanese alteration culture in the world and we believe “Alteration” is very important thing and contribute to reduce “Clothing Waste” and to protection of the environment.


“Sarto is an interesting business. Essentially an alterations tailor, it has grown to the point of having several branches, altering and repairing everything from suits to leather jackets, trunk shows with the likes of B&Tailor and Craftsman Clothing, and even its own in-house shoemaker.
The workshop is next door to the first-floor shop, and the best tailors as well as brands send their pieces there to be repaired.
It’s not a retail destination, but if you need anything repaired or altered, it’s certainly the first place everyone would recommend.”

by Simon Crompton, 
Permanent Style

Permanent Style
CNN Travel

Sarto: High-end craftsmen
The wizard tailors at Sarto are those who officially alter clothes at such high-end retailers as United Arrows and Chrome Hearts. They’re especially skilled at fixing leather jackets, taking the jacket up or down a size and adding custom linings with your own fabric.
Along with alterations and made-to-order tailoring, personalization is also available through embroidery, painting, dyeing and decoration. Sarto”

by CNN Travel,  Tokyo alterations: Fixing up your duds

“Just look at the before and after on that jacket! It’s like completely new! Moto said that this client really loved this suit basically wanted it recut. I neglected to ask if it was because the client lost a lot of weight, but it seems to be the logical answer.  I couldn’t imagine doing this much work to save a thrifted suit! “

by Ethan Wong, STREET × SPREZZA

Street × Sprezza

Alteration Trunk Show in all over the world

During The Armoury sample sale【Hong Kong】

SARTO’s tailor currently makes visits to several countries. During these trunk show, SARTO will be taking alteration and repair orders.
Now we have done trunk show within Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea and we’ll be held in US and EU, AU soon.

And we can world wide shipping. So if you dropped our store and ordered alterations, we’ll ship it back to you via EMS or DHL, UPS (or hand carry).

Our Signature Alteration

Bespoke Liverano 【Before】
Bespoke Liverano 【After】
Vintage Lether Jacket 【Before】
Vintage Lether Jacket 【After】
Turned men's coat into Lady's 【Before】
Turned men's coat into Lady's 【After】

Our Partners and Collaborators

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