Friend from Los Angeles, Ethan Wong

My friend Ethan Wong came our store on 31th May.
He’s professional photographer based in Los Angeles and social media manager of Ascot Chang a Hong Kong bespoke menswear brand.
Thanks Ethan and everybody please follow him on IG @ethanmwong .

香港のビスポークテーラー「アスコット・チャン/Ascot Chang」のSNSマネージャーであり、プロのカメラマンでもあります。
@ethanmwong をチェックして見てください。

Text and Photos:Moto Kwok-Fan


Moto Kwok-fan

Moto was born and raised in Japan and has lived and worked in Shanghai and Hong Kong.
After he graduated from university, Moto started his career as a real estate and investment agent and digital-marketing. He worked for this industries for about six years and afterwards he started own business as marketing and some fashion brand agent.
In 2018, he joined SARTO GINZA as director and now he in charge of the marketing, promotion and sales department.

Menswear enthusiast and movie props, LEGO block, old Kenner/Hasbro Action figures “Huge Collector”